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It’s his phony appreciation of Hank and Marie that seems to send Skylar finally over the edge, and it’s not hard to see why.

Out of nowhere, the cop and the klepto have become one of the sweetest couples on TV (their scene in the car on the way to Walt’s was lovely), and it’s becoming increasingly tough to watch them be manipulated by Walt and drawn further into his world of deceit as we move slowly closer to the end of the series, with Hank’s new appointment as an ASAC giving him even more to lose should his link to Walt be discovered.

Therefore if there genuinely is something to the theory of Walt picking up traits of his victims, then it must be a nod from the writers, rather than a conscious decision by Walt. But when you look at the words of this conversation between Jesse and Jane earlier in the show, these images seem all the more significant. Why would anyone paint a picture of a door, over and over again, like, dozens of times?

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It looks like Mike’s half-measures really will come back to bite him, as both Jesse and Walt vote against his plans to kill her: Jesse because he doesn’t want to see another life lost, and Walt because, fresh from being reminded of his own mortality, he knows he’s running out of time, and a break in production could end up literally being fatal.

It’s the great healer and the ultimate absolver, while also being our most powerful and unstoppable enemy. It’s built right into the structure of the show: it’s the combination of both Walt’s lack of time left on Earth and the sense that he has wasted his existing time that spurs him into his action to begin with.

It’s humanity’s greatest invention, and its greatest curse.

The most simple of concepts, and yet also the slipperiest and most elusive.

While undeniably innately stylish (the opening, -style showcase of Walt and Walt Jr’s ridiculous cars set to furious dubstep being a case in point), Johnson is also a brilliant actors director, and has a real gift for wringing the maximum amount of suspense and impact from lines of dialogue and, often, brilliant use of silences.

Johnson demonstrates this in the other big set piece in , a quiet, talky scene after Skylar’s pool stunt, where Walt confronts her about her thinly-concealed plan to move the kids out of the house at least temporarily to stay with Hank and Marie.

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And not just waiting – she’s actively trying to passive smoke Walt to death, if the last scene is anything to go by.

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