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Despite being part of a pre-arranged engagement argeed upon by his father, Yun-se begins dating low-class ...See full summary » Director: Jong-ho Park Immediately following the Korean War, a group of idealistic college students cross the DMZ.

See full summary » Director: So-yeong Jeong Best friends Ji-hye and Mi-yeong, fall in love with Jeong Woo-jin.

Horrified, he exchanges the child with another at the hospital and tries to forget the disfigured baby....

See full summary » Director: Il-Ho Jang Seong-min, the eldest son of village chief Kang, becomes sick and a shaman is called.

She suffers from the relationship with her emotionally distant father and falls for a mid-aged man she ...

See full summary » Director: Jin-woo Jeong A doctor's wife gives birth to a baby that resembles a cat-complete with small fangs.

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(Eh Eh, Eh Eh) nun bicheuro nan, beolsseo gobaek haet janha yo oraet dongan dada dun mameul (mameul) shib chogan man yeoreo dul teni (teni) mangseoriji malgo, Just say yes! [Girls' Generation] I can tell you're looking at me, I know what you see Any closer and you'll feel the heat (GG) You don't have to pretend that you didn't notice me Every look will make it hard to breathe (T. X) B-Bring the boys out (Yeah, You know) B-Bring the boys out (We bring the boys out!

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