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As Andy signed the other two copies she handed them to Dolores's attorney for her to sign also.

After all three copies were signed Dolores's attorney handed one of the copies to Jennifer, another to Dolores, and said, "I'll have my paralegal file this document with the appropriate offices and send you proof of the filing.

Now you're taking almost a quarter of my inheritance on top of that." "You're crazy. Yeah, I confronted the cheating assholes, but they're the ones who decided to take off and got killed." "I don't care. If you'd just left them alone they would both still be alive. You weren't losing anything from her sharing a little pussy with Harold.

My children would still have their father and I would still have my husband. Shit, you were supposed to be at work so you weren't going to get any during the day anyway." "You're joking. He was the best provider and father I have ever seen. If you'd been a better lover, Paula probably would never have taken up with Harold and you wouldn't have gotten your little feelings hurt." "Jesus, you crazy bitch, I thought I knew you and Harold but I guess I didn't. I don't share my women and I never will." By then the two attorneys were trying to quiet their respective clients.

You mean to sit there and tell me you wouldn't have divorced his cheating ass like I would have Paula's? Why would you even consider keeping a cheating asshole like Harold? Harold just needed more pussy than I could give him. Finally they managed to stop the argument and Jennifer finished reading the document.

You surely can't mean his cheating on you didn't bother you? She turned to Andrew and said, "I think this is exactly what you demanded, Andrew.

This hearing should be your trial for murder instead of you forcing me to give up one of my properties to you. That ís just so wrong." "How could I do this to you?

What the hell do you think you're talking about here, Dolores? He was the one that couldn't drive and killed the two of them.

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Portofino, this settlement agreement covers all the demands your client made during our previous meetings.

Jennifer took the document and began reading through it.

Andrew Anderson entered the conference room in the courthouse with his attorney, Jennifer Portofino.

They were the first ones to arrive and set about finding chairs to wait on the other participants in the conference.

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