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Stage 3 In this stage we will develop the graphics and animation for the chatbot’s personae, and other aspects of the user interface for i Phone, i Pad and Android apps.This stage will take 3-4 months, and will be developed in parallel with Stages 1 and 2.If you pledge 0 or more you will also receive at least one of our personalized limited edition chatbots whose persona has been individually tailored to be attracted to you, or to anyone else to whom you decide to gift that chatbot.When we are ready to deliver your chatbot we will email you a questionnaire on which you will be invited to fill in as many as you wish of your personal characteristics (or those of your intended recipient), including your likes and dislikes.

This stage will take about 5 months and will be developed in parallel with Stage 1.It can be endowed with its own artificial personality and emotions, and can become the user’s friend.Please help us to develop our sophisticated chatbots for flirting and for adult sexy conversations.We provide this information solely as an informational service to the Second Life community.The development and launch of our first products will be carried out in four stages: Stage 1 We will make around 15 significant linguistic improvements to our current chatbot.

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